The Journey Begins

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Victors in the midst of strife – Henry Van Dyke

Leaving New York, saying a final goodbye to a season of life and hello to a new adventure!

Saying goodbye to our family home and moving from New York to Virginia…not exactly something I thought about when I was up to my eyeballs in dirty diapers, laundry and toys spread across the floor. It was a season of life that seemed like it would last forever until one day you wake up and realize how quickly it’s coming to an end. For me, having raised 5 kids, it’s been very bittersweet.

Saying hello to new adventures…not my first choice. I love routine, it’s safe and comfortable. It’s very “me”. It’s my sweet spot. Somehow life has left me no choice but to figure out how to embrace this ever changing new adventure I have begun.

Life in an empty nest has been quite a roller coaster so far. When I think back though, I guess most of life is. I think maybe, when I was younger, I felt like I had more control. And as I get older, I know how little control I really have. In this new season, I’m hoping to learn to enjoy life more and continue to grow. I’m hoping to encourage, inspire and be a blessing to others. And I’m hoping to be better able to trust God who has never let me down.

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