A Window into my Life

Last July, we moved all our earthly possessions down to Virginia. My husband was not able to find a job before we moved, so we unloaded the truck and the following day off he went back to New York to continue working. 

Fast forward to December …my husband was STILL looking for a job in Virginia while living in New York, and I am STILL living by myself in Virginia trying to unpack and set up our home. After his company would not allow him to take any vacation time for either Thanksgiving or Christmas (after 21 yrs on the job), we made the decision for him to retire and move down just before Christmas…with NO job!  Scary, right? Foolish, some would say.

End of January, he received an offer for a temporary job. Not exactly what we had hoped for, but at least it was a job, we were in the same state and moving forward! But, no, no, no… not so fast… 8 days later, my husband had a brain stem stroke. Wow, totally unexpected. Talk about scary…moving to Virginia with no job was nothing compared to this. Change in prospective – ABSOLUTELY!

As we step into this new normal, I’m constantly flooded with all kinds of emotions. Utter FEAR being the most common. But I continually battle to land on an attitude of gratefulness. Grateful that my husband survived the stroke and is making progress in his recovery. Grateful that he has a pension so we have some money coming in. Grateful for the love and support from our kids and family. Grateful for the doctors and therapists involved in my husband’s treatment.  And thankful that God never leaves me nor forsakes me and that His mercies are new every morning.

My dear hubby getting ready to mow our lawn. Me and my darling.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. Subscribe below. Feel free to share this blog and post a comment with your own thoughts, struggles, and victories. I’d love to hear from you! Aging isn’t for the faint of heart and we need to be encouraging one another. Be blessed!

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